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    Moroccan Transport Professionals Decry Inadequate Subsidies

    The government announced the launch of a third stage of subsidies for transport professionals today.

    08 Jun 2022

    Rabat - Workers in the transport sector in Morocco have criticized the government for failing to give them their share of the subsidies that were announced to protect workers amid rising prices.

    The Ministry of Transport and Logistics announced that a third wave of subsidies would open for applications on June 8, but union activists said that many workers did not receive the monetary support from the first and second phases of the government’s support scheme for transport professionals.

    Despite signing up for the support program, 40% of workers did not receive their share of subsidies, union activists said, adding that they are working on referring all the relevant information to the authorities.

    Workers also complained that the subsidies do not adequately cover the rise in fuel prices that the world has experienced lately, but that they also cannot raise prices to reflect that because of government support.

    Some have also suggested subsidizing fuel prices instead and capping them for transport professionals, arguing this is a more reliable measure for protecting all the involved parties.

    The support program was launched in April, with Morocco spending over MAD 300 million ($30 million) on a special program to support transport professionals.

    The program was spurred on by a rising trend for fuel prices worldwide, as a result of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

    Fuel expenses can represent up to 70% of the expenditures taken on by drivers, meaning a price increase in diesel and gasoline can substantially affect the prices consumers end up paying.

    Morocco’s government has also been supporting other products and commodities that saw a rise in prices, such as grains and gas.

    Recently, textbook publishers have also expressed a desire to raise prices due to rising production costs, but the government expressed intentions to preserve the prices as a “national priority.”


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