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    Government Vows to Strengthen Health Services Amid Operation Marhaba 2022

    Health authorities seek to mobilize several staff, in addition to new medical services to contribute to the success of the annual Operation Marhaba.

    09 Jun 2022

    Rabat - Morocco’s Ministry of Health and Social Protection has vowed to strengthen health services and improve access for Moroccans residing abroad who will be visiting the country as part of the Operation Marhaba 2022.

    Health Minister Khaled Ait Taleb said on Tuesday in Rabat his ministry will be mobilizing staff to work alongside the government, national institutions, and other relevant bodies to improve the health services provided to Moroccans coming from abroad.

    The ministry’s plan also aims to provide quick responses to traffic accident emergencies during this year’s Marhaba Operation, prevent waterborne and foodborne diseases, and ensure the safety of travelers as well as the health security of citizens in Morocco.

    Ait Taleb noted that the ministry is working to ensure a continuous, 24-hour medical service at border posts and rest areas while improving health infrastructure located on major roads.

    The Ministry said it has also worked to strengthen emergency services in reference hospitals with the necessary human resources and medical supplies, to carry out environmental health checks through monitoring the cleanliness of vessels that ensure the transit and safety of food at crossing points and rest areas.

    Health authorities have also mobilized the health system for epidemiological surveillance to address Monkeypox virus and prevent its spread, Ait Taleb explained.

    Morocco’s strategy to fight against the spread of the virus consists of a four-phase plan, with the first one focusing on training health professionals to diagnose and treat the disease.

    The second phase covers the process of diagnosing the disease in laboratories; the third phase is about the management of suspected cases; and the last one concerns separating infected individuals from their contacts.

    Meanwhile, Morocco’s Minister Delegate for digital transition and administrative reform, Ghita Mezzour, has noted that her department has been working to contribute to the success of the Marhaba campaign by easing the issuance of administrative documents to Moroccans who will be visiting the country this summer.

    The Marhaba Operation is an annual campaign conducted by the Mohammed VI Foundation to facilitate the return of the Moroccan diaspora for the summer holidays.


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