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    Tunisia Limits Restrictions on Unvaccinated UK Tourists

    Popular tourist destinations are dropping travel restrictions in an effort to boost their tourism sector and again welcome vast amounts of foreign tourists.

    13 Jun 2022

    Rabat - The government of Tunisia has decided that unvaccinated UK tourists are welcome, if they show a recent negative PCR test. Tunis announced the policy change on Friday as governments in popular tourist destinations race to cut health measures in order to attract new tourists.

    Tunisia’s loosening of public health measures partly mirrors the decision taken by Morocco on May 18, allowing unvaccinated travelers to enter the country if they can produce proof of a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours of departure. Egypt and Algeria meanwhile continue to demand proof of vaccination, yet the international race to compete for tourists could soon change this.

    The US introduced new policy changes on June 10 that go as far as removing PCR testing requirements altogether from June 12 onwards. The US government has warned that the change will be carefully monitored for three months, yet indicates that the world is racing to reopen and again welcome millions of tourists.

    European countries, confident in their high vaccination rates, have similarly dropped travel restrictions altogether. Currently, 30 European countries have no COVID-19 restrictions at all, while others are more gradually lifting restrictions. Several popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, including Jamaica, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, have followed suit by removing all COVID-related entry requirements.

    It appears that governments around the world are seeing the lifting of travel restrictions as an important measure to attract foreign visitors. After two years marred by constant uncertainty over ever-evolving public health measures, tourist destinations are eager to erase uncertainty and guarantee travelers a journey free of fears of new restrictions.


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