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    BCG Digital Ventures Launches Innovation Center in Casablanca

    The Casablanca center seeks to develop, launch, scale, and invest in innovative companies.

    15 Jun 2022

    Rabat - BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV), the business-building branch of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), is set to open an innovation center in Casablanca to support the city’s fast-growing ecosystems, particularly in the technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and startup creation fields.

    As BCGDV joins the established BCG network in Morocco through the Casablanca innovation center, the group said in a press release that the new center is set to provide support for “game-changing businesses.”

    With Morocco becoming home to innovative high-tech companies and startups, BCGDV’s innovative center in Casablanca “uniquely position[s]” itself as a hub for developing, launching, scaling, and investing in new Moroccan businesses, added the press release.

    In May alone, Moroccan startups attracted $2 million in funding, putting Morocco fourth in among MENA countries in terms of funding appeal.

    Stefan Gross-Selbeck, the global managing partner of BCG Digital Ventures, said the growth of the Moroccan startup ecosystem provides “cutting-edge technology applications and opportunities for growth” required for the selection of the BCGDV location.

    Hamid Maher, the new DV Casablanca Center lead, also noted that “Africa has numerous opportunities for digital innovators to use AI and other emerging technologies for improving access to education, healthcare, financial services, and energy.”

    While Casablanca provides a good location for the BCGDV hub, the consulting group on Monday announced the opening of two other innovation centers in New Delhi and Mumbai, India, to further expand the BCGDV's global presence in a total of 12 countries.

    As India is “home to fast-growing startup market in the world,” noted Nipun Kalra, the new BCGDV India Center lead, the two innovation centers are set to work with leading domestic and international companies in numerous sectors.


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