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    Royal Air Maroc Announces Special Offers For US-Morocco Flights

    Royal Air Maroc has recently announced numerous offers and new routes to promote Morocco's tourism sector ahead of the summer season.

    15 Jun 2022

    Rabat - Royal Air Maroc recently announced new offers for its flights connecting the American cities of New York, Miami, and Washington to the Moroccan city of Casablanca.

    Flight reservations for the three lines, New York-Casablanca, Washington-Casablanca, and Miami-Casablanca, must be issued before or on June 17.

    Flights from New York to Casablanca are set to take place starting from August 7 and are expected to cost $850.

    Washington-Casablanca flights will also start on August 7 with a price tag of $695.

    Miami-Casablanca connection, however, will start earlier on July 11, with tickets offered at $680.

    Andalous, a New York-based travel agency, shared the offers and noted that “travel is not permitted [from] 25 July through 4 September 2022.”

    The new offers support Royal Air Maroc’s plan to provide six million seats on 80 air routes for summer 2022.

    With the opening of new routes to Tel Aviv and Dubai, the Moroccan carrier said in late April that it is set to recover 90% of its pre-pandemic network.
    In particular, Royal Air Maroc noted it planned to operate 43 routes connecting Moroccan cities to 22 European airports.
    More than 1.3 million passengers are expected to benefit from these flights.
    Last week, the Moroccan airline partnered with Morocco’s National Tourism Office (ONMT) to promote Morocco as a leading travel destination across the globe.


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