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    Barid Al-Maghrib Launches 225 Electric, Locally-Manufactured Vehicles

    The Barid Al-Maghrib-Stellantis partnership reflects Morocco’s commitment to sustainable and green mobility in different sectors.

    16 Jun 2022

    Rabat - Barid Al-Maghrib, Morocco's postal service, on Tuesday launched 225 electric vehicles designed by Stellantis Kenitra to decarbonize and expand the office’s mail distribution network.

    The 100% electric Citroen Ami vehicles were exclusively designed by Stellantis Kenitra for Barid Al-Maghrib under the framework of an agreement signed by the postal office and the automotive manufacturer in October 2020.

    The newly launched vehicles take “less than 3 hours” to charge, and full batteries can last for up to 75 kilometers, which can support daily mail distribution operations, Barid Al-Maghrib said in a press release.

    The “fruitful collaboration between the Stellantis group and Barid Al-Maghrib … has given birth to locally manufactured electric cars and reaffirmed the common desire of public and private operators to support the development of electric mobility in Morocco and to make it one of the strong links in the national industry,” said Ryad Mezzour, Morocco’s Minister of Industry and Commerce.

    This sustainable mobility partnership is set to place the electric vehicles in 42 Moroccan cities with respect to the workload in each area.

    The launch ceremony of the 225 electric vehicles took place in Rabat in the presence of Minister Ryad Mezzour, who stressed the need for eco-responsible solutions to modernize public services and address global concerns related to climate change.

    Over the past months and years, Morocco has repeatedly reiterated its commitment to sustainable solutions and decarbonization efforts, particularly in energy-intensive sectors.

    Along with setting ambitious yet attainable renewable energy goals, Morocco has worked on introducing eco-responsible measures to decarbonize its industries where the country is playing a leading role at the regional and global levels, including in the production of electric and hybrid cars for green mobility and green ammonia for fertilizers.


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