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    Morocco Is ‘An African Model’ in Nuclear Safety, Radiation Protection

    A nuclear safety collaboration program with the EU has made Morocco a pilot model for African countries.

    17 Jun 2022

    Rabat - Over the past five years, Morocco has made significant strides in establishing a regulatory framework to enhance national nuclear safety through a collaboration program with the European Union.

    Speaking at the meeting marking the end of the program on June 15 in Rabat, Representative of the EU’s Delegation in Morocco, Matilde Ceravolo, stated that Morocco presents “an example for Africa” in terms of capacity building in the field of nuclear safety and the protection against nuclear hazards.

    Launched in 2018, the EU-Morocco nuclear cooperation program opened the door for future collaborations between Moroccan and European institutions that will remain standing long after the end of the program, Ceravolo explained.

    “The program itself may have come to an end,” but the collaboration has only started and will gain traction in the future, she added.

    Explaining the significance of the program, the EU representative further highlighted that while the European Union is not the only entity providing expertise on nuclear safety, the program remains one-of-a-kind as it brings together the know-how of 27 countries.

    Under a cover budget of €1.6 million, the program aimed to support Morocco’s nuclear safety agency in developing a national regulatory framework, build capacity in terms of human resources and structure a strategy to counter nuclear hazard, according to Alfredo De Los Reye, the program’s technical project leader.


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