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    King Mohammed VI: Nigeria-Morocco Pipeline Promotes African Integration

    The Nigerian government approved plans to build the pipeline earlier this month.

    21 Jun 2022

    Rabat - King Mohammed VI has mentioned the Nigeria-Morocco gas Pipeline among the most notable investment projects through which Morocco hopes to help Africa achieve financial independence.

    In a message delivered on his behalf by Minister of Economy and Finance Fouzi Lekjaa during the launch conference for the African Forum of Foreign Investors (ASIF), held in Rabat on Monday, the Moroccan King named the project as one that is helping Africa achieve energy independence.

    “We can also point to the exerted efforts to accelerate financial integration in the continent, as well as projects aiming to enforce the continent’s energy efficiency such as the huge gas pipeline linking Morocco and Nigeria,” said the message.

    The Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline is designed to transport Nigerian natural gas to 13 countries in West and North Africa. The project is envisioned to stretch for around 7,000 km, making it one of the world’s longest offshore pipelines.

    It will also export gas to Spain and Europe through Morocco, after arriving in the North African kingdom.

    The project was inaugurated by King Mohammed VI in December 2016 during a visit to Abuja, with the feasibility study starting in May 2017 and costing hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Earlier this month, Nigeria’s government approved an agreement between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to start construction of the pipeline.

    The pipeline is still in the planning and engineering phases, and the costs will be decided after the design phase is completed.

    The project has received backing from several international parties and experts.

    Mohamed Bowden, Head of the Atlas Center for the Analysis of Political and Institutional Indicators, said the project is of critical importance for inter-Africa development, adding that it would address regional issues of energy security.

    Energy prices have seen a steady increase as the Ukraine war rages on, affecting everyone from governments and companies to end consumers.

    This has emboldened the push towards energy independence, making the pipeline an attractive project not only for African nations, but also for Europe as EU countries are now looking to diversify their energy sources and end their dependence on Moscow.


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