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    Gas Company Chariot Awards Initial Study Contract For Moroccan Gas Field

    The two companies awarded the contract are expected to help Chariot minimize emissions and contribute to the social development of the region hosting the project.

    21 Jun 2022

    Rabat - Africa-focused energy group Chariot announced awarding a tender to two companies to conduct initial feasibility studies on the Anchois gas field in Morocco’s Larache.

    According to a press release, Chariot awarded the feasibility study tender to a consortium of the two companies - - French Oilfield services company, Schlumberger, and Luxembourg-based offshore.

    Under the agreement with Chariot, Schlumberger and Subsea 7 are set to adopt a “one-team” integrated and collaborative approach to conduct the feasibility study related to the development of the offshore Anchois gas fields, the press statement explained.

    The two companies will deliver feasibility studies or Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) that include costs and schedules of construction and installation that are necessary prior to making the final investment decisions.

    In addition, the agreement states that the two companies are expected to deliver a study that would help Chariot minimize emissions and contribute to the social development of the region that hosts the project.

    The statement further specified that Chariot is managing the FEED scopes necessary for the construction of the well and the onshore infrastructure connecting the offshore wells to customers.

    Commenting on the agreement, CEO of Subsea Integration Alliance, Olivier Blaringhem, said: “We are delighted to work with Chariot on this FEED project. We remain fully aligned with their objectives and will build upon the work undertaken to date to optimize the design and development of the Anchois Gas Project.”

    He added, “We look forward to playing a key role in bringing this project to fruition.”

    For his part, Acting CEO of Chariot Limited, Adonis Pouroulis, said that “signing this agreement with Schlumberger and Subsea 7 is further evidence that we have accelerated development plans for the Anchois Gas Project, a key tenet of our recent fundraising.”

    He explained: “It is a pleasure to work closely with both companies on this integrated design phase, to benefit from their experience in working on several similar projects globally, and to leverage their standardized technology which is directly applicable to the Anchois development.”


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