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    Chinese Fashion Brand Ximivogue Debuts in Morocco

    Currently managing 1700 stores across 93 countries, Ximivogue offers its services to customers both online and through physical stores.

    27 Jun 2022

    Rabat - Ximivogue, a Chinese fast fashion franchise has launched its newest market in Morocco with two stores opened over the past month in Kenitra and Beni Mellal.

    Ximivogue is expected to open more stores in Morocco as part of its strategy to expand in the North African country and the Middle East, according to sources from the company cited in converging news reports.

    Morocco is a strategic market given its considerable influence in Africa and in Arab countries, Ximivogue said in a statement. The Kingdom is part of the Arab League, a coalition of Arab countries, the Union for the Mediterranean, and the African Union.

    The first store in Kenitra is located in a famous mall in the city center and has already attracted and formed a significant customer base, reports indicate.

    Ximivogue offers its services to customers both online and through physical stores.

    The company currently manages 1700 stores across 93 countries.

    Launched in 2015 with the opening of 300 new stores, the fast-fashion brand grossed a turnover of close to $270 million.

    Fast fashion is a relatively new trend dating back to the 1990s with the launch of the brand Zara in New York. Ever since its inception, the industry had grown exponentially to reach over $99 billion in 2022, according to some estimates.

    With the growth of the industry, concerns over its environmental impact have equally mounted.

    According to data from McKinsey, the fast fashion industry is responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Other estimates have predicted that the textile manufacturing emissions are set to grow by 60% in 2030.

    Meanwhile, waste management constitutes a significant issue for the environment as 10,000 fast fashion items are sent to landfills every 10 minutes.


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