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    Huawei Enters Partnership to Support Digital Tourism in Morocco

    Morocco has been ramping up its efforts to integrate technology within various sectors.

    08 Jul 2022

    Rabat - The Moroccan Tourism Engineering Company (SMIT) and China’s technology giant Huawei signed on Wednesday, July 6 an agreement to support a digital transformation in Morocco to develop small businesses and tourism startups.

    The agreement seeks to encourage private initiatives to support Morocco’s digital transformation through launching tourism start-ups or implementing new products, the SMT said in a communique.

    The Moroccan organization will work with Huawei to develop start-ups and innovation in the tourism ecosystem, focusing on products that improve tourists’ experience through modernization.

    The Chinese tech giant has a track record of promoting startups in its region of Asia Pacific, devoting hundreds of millions of dollars to investments and various initiatives to support small businesses.

    The agreement serves as part of SMIT's goal to transform tourism in Morocco into “smart tourism” through using information and communications technology to provide easier access to tourism and hospitality services.

    Applications and websites will offer tourists directions, translation services, and the ability to make reservations, for example.

    Technologies will also rely upon augmented reality, whereby tourists can use smartphones to augment the real world environment to achieve an enhanced experience.

    The move reflects Morocco’s recent efforts to digitize its government and private systems.

    Although many Moroccans have not yet embraced a fully digital landscape, as adoption rates for mobile banking and digital purchases remain low, the country nevertheless seems determined to initiate its digital transformation.


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