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    Time Out: Marrakech Among Best Cities in 2022

    Marrakech continues to capture the hearts and minds of local communities and foreigners alike.

    13 Jul 2022

    Rabat - London-based entertainment company Time Out has ranked Marrakech as the world’s 7th best city in 2022.

    Released on Monday, July 11, Time Out's ranking highlights this year’s top global cities with “thriving nightlife, amazing food and drink, and art, culture, and museums galore.”

    The ranking was based on the responses of 20,000 city-dwellers.

    This year, Time Out focused on community spirit and a city’s resilience as the main factors of selection. It also considered a city’s safety, walkability, sustainability, and the state of its public transportation system.

    Time Out placed Marrakech 7th on the global list thanks to the city’s “community, creativity, and faith in the future” amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Describing the Red city as an “international melting pot,” the London-based company noted that the lockdown did not stop local entrepreneurs from opening new and “cool” boutiques and restaurants. Time Out also referred to Marrakech’s newly-established international storytelling festival and its role in attracting visitors to the city in February.

    Highlighting the beauty of Marrakech, Time Out quoted writer Paul Hardy saying, “Think of Marrakech and you’ve almost certainly got the city’s packed, buzzing medina in mind, so it’s no wonder the city ranked so highly for getting to know your neighbors (68 percent of respondents said this was easy – the highest in the world) and making new friends (70 percent).”

    69% of locals surveyed also consider Marrakech to be a place to meet significant others, placing it first in the world in this category. Meanwhile, 94% of respondents said that the city is clean. 82% of respondents also said Marrakech is home to a vibrant community spirit, while 92% said that the city is not stressful and its residents are nice people.

    On the downside, Marrakech scored low in the resilience index: only 18% of respondents considered the red city to be “resilient,” while only 29% of them found it to be “progressive.”

    Although Marrakech continues to thrive as a leading regional and global tourist destination, European cities dominated the Time Out ranking. The Scottish capital Edinburgh topped the list thanks to its “beautiful landmarks, architecture, and scenic hotspots” as well as its “forward-thinking bars and eateries.”

    Chicago, the only American city featured on the list, placed 2nd, as local communities and Time Out considered it a major resilient city in the face of the pandemic.

    The second North American city featured on the top 10 list was Montreal, Canada, which placed 9th in the ranking. Although placing lower than its North American peer, Time Out noted that Montreal’s “architecture, friendly vibes, and legendary hospitality” provide the best opportunities for travelers looking for a mix of European and Canadian culture.

    The third and last non-European city on the list was Colombia’s Medellin. The city’s friendly vibe placed it third, ahead of Glasgow, Amsterdam, and Prague. The Danish capital Copenhagen concluded the ranking in the 10th position, as the city’s walkability, vibrant nightlife, and sustainability render it a good travel destination.


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