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    Central Bank: Morocco Needs ‘Shift’ in Public Policies to Address Water Scarcity

    Morocco needs a “holistic” approach to developing resilient water infrastructure to tackle water scarcity.

    01 Aug 2022

    Rabat - Morocco needs a “paradigm shift” in public policies to boost climate resilience and shield the country against the exponential threat of climate change on the national economy, according to a recent publication by the country’s central bank, Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM).

    Echoing previous reports from the World Bank, the BAM report sounds the alarm on the current state of climate resilience in the country, underscoring the need for lawmakers to introduce policies that would mitigate the effect of adverse weather on the Moroccan economy.

    The report especially highlights the need for a “holistic” approach that would see more investment directed towards developing more resilient water infrastructure to avert the threat of water scarcity in Morocco.

    Much like other economies, Morocco is set to sustain substantial losses due to climate change. Developing resilient water infrastructure, however, could help Morocco reduce that loss by up to 60%, according to data quoted in the BAM report.

    Climate change is set to trigger a 10% to 50% drop in the global GDP per capita in the coming 80 years, the report warns, adding that Morocco is not an exception to the trend.

    Water scarcity is posing a significant threat in Morocco due to the demographic pressure and agricultural activities. According to data from the World Bank, agriculture alone accounts for almost 88% of the country’s national water consumption.

    Morocco currently ranks among countries with the lowest water resources per capita. The country’s average water resources per capita stood at an annual 645 cube meters in 2015, well below the international “water poverty line” of 1000 cubic meters per capita.

    The ratio of water resources per capita could drop even further by 2050 to 500 cubic meters per capita, approaching the international threshold of “extreme water scarcity,” notes the report.


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