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    Morocco-UK Power Project: Xlinks Hires WSP as Technical Advisor

    Under a £1 billion contract, WSP is to deliver four HVDC converter stations and ancillary works for the Morocco-UK Power Project.

    03 Aug 2022

    Rabat - Xlinks, a British green energy company, announced today awarding a tender to WSP, a Canadian engineering consultancy, as part of the Morocco-UK submarine power cable project.

    Under a £1 billion contract, WSP is expected to deliver four HVDC converter stations and ancillary works for the Morocco-UK Power Project, Xlinks said in a press release.

    According to the statement, WSP will procure converter stations in the UK and Morocco, as well as grid connection works in the UK.

    In addition, the Canadian consultancy is to procure the connection system to the energy production sites in Morocco, and an interface between the converter stations and the HVDC cable systems in the UK and Morocco, the statement adds.

    With the green energy power plants in Morocco, Xlinks estimates that it would maximize the use of the subsea cable to deliver a quasi-stable source of clean energy to Britain for a daily average of 20 hours a day.

    Once operational, the submarine cable will provide up to 8% of Great Britain’s electricity needs, Xlinks says.

    Speaking on the backdrop of awarding the tender, Xlink Senior Project Manager, Martin Croucher, said that the “HVDC converter stations are a vital part of accomplishing the Morocco-UK Power Project,” adding that Xlinks is “delighted to have WSP on board as technical advisors to support the tender process.”

    Ben Jones, WSP’s T&D Construction Director, said that his company is “delighted to support Xlinks on what is a truly significant opportunity for the UK to increase its use of renewable energy and move away from fossil fuel dependency.”

    He added, “A project of this magnitude will require a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach and we’re excited to play an important part in its delivery.”

    The Xlinks Morocco-UK Power Project is a mega renewable energy project with a capacity of 10.5 GW set to power almost 1.7 million homes in the UK.

    Comprising solar and wind generation plants coupled with state-of-the-art energy storage units, the project’s 3,800-kilometer, submarine cables are set to connect Morocco and the UK exclusively.


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