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    Agadir Among Cheapest Destinations For British Tourists in 2022

    While recovering from the COVID-19 economic impact, Agadir continues to attract local and foreign tourists in 2022.

    03 Aug 2022

    Rabat - Savoo, a British money-saving and tourism website, has ranked Morocco’s Agadir as the cheapest all-inclusive holiday destination for UK tourists this year.

    Conducting a cross-cities comparison, Savoo collected data on the cost of a 7-day trip, a 6-night stay in Agadir. The British website found that a week-long trip to Agadir - including flights - would cost £490, which gives the city an average score of 81 points over 100.

    “The city of Agadir in Morocco is the cheapest location for an all-inclusive – with a Moroccan getaway costing an impressive £490 on average,” Savoo said. “With beaches close by, Agadir is a must-go destination if you want to enjoy your 2022 summer holiday on a budget.”

    Spain’s Costa Brava came second with a trip cost of £546, ahead of the Turkish metropolis Istanbul with £559, and Italy’s Sorrento with a total cost of £593.

    While Morocco had two cities on the list of the cheapest all-inclusive destinations, four Spanish cities were mentioned in the list including Costa Brava (2nd), Gran Canaria (8th), Tenerife (12th), and Menorca (14th).

    Turkey and Greece followed with three entries each including Istanbul (3rd), Antalya (10th), and Dalaman Area (13th). According to Savoo, a one-week trip to Greece in the cities of Corfu (11th), Rhodes (15th), or Crete (17th) costs between £700-800.

    Besides highlighting the cheapest tourist city for an all-inclusive stay, Savoo shared the most expensive destinations which include Peru’s Machu Picchu (£4,556).

    The British website further provided a ranking of best-value all-inclusive holiday destinations, and Marrakech ranked 9th while Cape Verde’s Sal was named the “best value all-inclusive destination” for British tourists, ahead of Turkey’s Antalya, Maldives’ North Male Atoll, and Egypt’s Hurghada.


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