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    ONDA Opens Tender for New Face ID Recognition System in Rabat Airport

    ONDA received a MAD 363 million ($36.8 million) loan to expand the Rabat-Sale airport.

    05 Aug 2022

    Laayoune - Morocco’s National Airports Office (ONDA) intends to install a new facial ID recognition system in Rabat-Sale’s international airport.

    ONDA has launched a tender to attract potential suppliers of the new facial biometric technology. The bids for the tender will open mid-September, said ONDA.

    The new technology aims to strengthen security and smoothen passenger movement across the airport.

    According to reports, the project will contain a smartphone application that enables the passenger's biometric facial features to be created and registered.

    The app will also grant access to several self-service terminals. These include 12 common-use self-service check-in booths, 12 specialized biometric self-service bag drops, 8 automatic biometric boarding hall access doors, 12 biometric boarding terminals, and 8 information terminals.

    When this project is finished, Rabat-Sale Airport will be the first in Morocco to use face recognition technology to streamline passenger flow.

    Facial recognition systems, which are often used to verify users through ID verification services, work by identifying and measuring facial features from a given image.

    Following the easing of COVID-19 limitations and in preparation for the busy summer season, Moroccans living abroad as well as international tourists have arrived in droves to Moroccan airports this year. This face ID system is indeed needed at such a time.

    Between the resumption of flights in February and April 30 this year, Morocco has welcomed more than 3 million passengers, which is equivalent to 64% of air traffic during the same time three years prior.


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