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    Operation Marhaba 2022: Tanger Med Received 530,436 Passengers

    This year’s Operation Marhaba has exceeded expectations as Morocco’s leading port saw a maximum of 40,000 passengers on its busiest day.

    09 Aug 2022

    Casablanca - From its opening in June to August 1, Operation Marhaba 2022 witnessed the arrival of 530,436 passengers and 136,263 vehicles, through Tanger Med port passengers, rising by 10% from 2019, according to a recent report issued by the Moroccan port.

    The operation recorded two peak periods throughout the weekends of July 2-4 and July 30-August 1, with 62,759 and 61,468 passengers respectively.

    According to the port’s data, the necessary measures were taken for the return phase, which prompted the port’s authority to urge all travelers to review the transit traffic forecasts available on their website and mobile application.

    Additionally, excessive wait times, particularly during the peak period from August 25 to August 30, made the port authorities’ passengers prepare for their return trip in accordance with the schedule they published recently.

    The port administration also notified passengers that they must have a return ticket issued by their maritime company, which states both the date and time of return, before proceeding to the port.

    As part of Operation Marhaba 2022, the port of Tanger Med Passengers has established a provisional calendar in order to better foresee its optimum seasons.

    To remain up-to-date on news and traffic conditions within the port in real-time, the Moroccan port also requested passengers to use all available communication channels, such as the passenger port’s website, mobile application, social media, and the Tanger Med radio.

    This year, the government created a budget of MAD 150 million ($14.9 million) to make necessary changes to the reception system, to efficiently welcome these unprecedented numbers of overseas Moroccans that are now visiting the country following two years of the COVID-19 health crisis.


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