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    Morocco Detects Third Confirmed Case of Monkeypox

    After the first case was discovered on June 2, there have now been three verified cases of the monkeypox virus reported in Morocco.

    26 Aug 2022

    Laayoune - The Moroccan Ministry of Health and Social Protection has detected another confirmed case of the Monkeypox virus in a foreign citizen.

    This is the third verified Monkeypox case in Morocco since the emergence of the virus on the global stage.

    The infected foreign person's condition is stable, and his health is being closely monitored, the ministry noted.

    The ministry added that it has deployed teams to hastily prepare a list of all people that have come into direct contact with the affected person.

    Once the ministry has finalized the list, all people listed will be monitored to verify if they’ve been affected by the monkeypox virus as well.

    The affected foreign visitor's country and current location were not mentioned in the ministry's press release.

    Morocco has detected, since June 3, over 13 suspected monkeypox cases, and only two of them were previously confirmed as active cases.

    The number of monkeypox cases worldwide has increased sharply in 2022.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that there were, as of August 3rd, 2022, 23,351 confirmed monkeypox cases in 83 countries.

    According to the WHO, the top five countries with the highest count of confirmed monkeypox cases are the United States (5,175 cases), Spain (4,298), Germany (2,677), the United Kingdom (2,546), and France (1,955).

    Monkeypox was first discovered in the 1958 on monkeys in Denmark, and was categorized as a rare disease.

    The first human case of monkeypox was found in 1970.

    Its symptoms can include a severe headache, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, and a skin rash.


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