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    Morocco’s Royal Air Maroc Among World’s Top 200 Airlines

    Royal Air Maroc’s record in 2021 is far superior to its performance in the previous two years.

    05 Sep 2022

    Casablanca - With nearly 7 million passengers carried in the past year, Morocco’s Royal Air Maroc (RAM) is ranked 106th in Cirium’s “World Airline Passenger Ranking 2021” out of the top 200 airlines by passenger traffic, up two places from 2019.

    According to the ranking, the Moroccan flag carrier transported 6.897 million passengers in 2021, a 40% rise over 2020, when it still remained at the top alongside Ethiopian Airlines and Egyptair, despite a 60% drop.

    Leading the pack worldwide are America, airlines, with the first four positions held by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines, respectively.

    Having transported over 120 million passengers over the past year, Ryanair is the only European airline to make it into the top ten worldwide.

    Also in the top ten are Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines.

    Turkish Airlines climbed four places from 14th in 2019 to 10th in the new ranking.

    The “World Airline Passenger Ranking 2021” was based on the monitoring of more than 600 operators.

    It highlights the difficulties that mainline carriers have encountered over the months, particularly those that rely on a significant mix of business travel and long-haul flights.

    Most of these carriers’ global passenger traffic share has fallen by five percentage points to 64% by 2021, said the rating, adding that the drop was substantially offset by low-cost airlines, which increased their market share to 26%.

    Similarly, worldwide traffic fell 57% from its pre-COVID-19 peak in 2021. Total passengers for the year were 2.3 billion, around half of the pre-pandemic peak in 2019, the ranking report further noted.


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