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    Morocco’s AMSSNuR, AIEA Partner to Boost Africa’s Nuclear Safety

    Morocco seeks to establish itself as a model country and a continental leader in nuclear safety.

    06 Sep 2022

    Rabat - Morocco’s nuclear safety agency, AMSSNuR is joining forces with the International Atomic Energy Agency (AIEA) to boost Africa’s know-how on nuclear safety.

    Through a series of training sessions, AMSSNuR and AIEA aim to boost the continent’s capacity to use nuclear reactors for medical and research purposes while safely navigating dangers arising from nuclear radiations.

    Running from September 5-16, the AMSSNuR-AIEA joint training program is the first of its kind in Africa and fits into a larger AIEA strategy to support countries develop safe and efficient nuclear infrastructure that adheres to international standards, AMSSNuR explained in a statement.

    Participating in the joint program are 32 representatives from 13 African countries, added the statement, noting that the training is being organized under the supervision of seven Moroccan and international experts on nuclear safety.

    The list of African countries set to benefit from the training includes Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, the Centre Africa Republic, Tchad, Comores, Congo Democratic Republic, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Maki, Niger, Togo, and Morocco.

    “The training, held entirely in French, presents a first cycle and aims to share theoretical and practical knowledge relating to nuclear safety, especially for medical purposes,” AMSSNuR Director, Mounjib Zniber, told the press today.

    “The training features lectures, and workshops on the best practices of inspecting nuclear facilities. The practical part of the training is scheduled to take place in Moroccan hospitals,” Zniber added.

    Participants in the training program are also set to benefit from simulations in the inspection of medical facilities that use nuclear radiation for therapeutic purposes in a medical facility in Casablanca, the statement added.

    Last month, AMSSNuR organized a similar training session for nine African countries to stimulate the continent’s capacity to safely operate nuclear facilities for non-military purposes.

    These training workshops are part of AMSSNuR’s strategy to establish Morocco as a continental model and leader in nuclear safety.

    Over the past five years, Morocco has made signficant strides towards developing a regulatory framework for the non-military use of nuclear energy.

    The framework, which was developed through a collaboration program with the European Union that concluded on June 15 in Rabat, has paved the way for Morocco to become “an example for Africa” in terms of capacity building in the field of nuclear safety and protection against nuclear hazards, said Matilde Ceravolo of the EU’s Delegation in Morocco.


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