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    Chery Unveils New Tiggo 8 Pro Max for Moroccan Market

    While its newest model features a combustion engine, the Chinese automobile manufacturer said it sees an opportunity in the rise in popularity of electric vehicles.

    09 Sep 2022

    Rabat - Chinese car manufacturer Chery unveiled its new SUV model, the Tiggo 8 Pro Max, for the Moroccan market in a press conference on Thursday.

    As the newest iteration of the Tiggo 8 series, the new car can be considered the company’s flagship model, boasting its most advanced features and performance.

    The car uses Chery’s 2.0T-GDI engine, which won the 2021 “China Heart” Top Ten Engines award, and is now launched globally with the company’s Tiggo 8 Pro line.

    Additionally, Chery boasts of numerous technological advancements in the car’s interior: an electronic gear shift should make the car easier to operate, park, and provide greater safety, the Chinese manufacturer says.

    The car will also have a sizable 24.6 inch touch screen to allow the driver to handle driving information, in addition to other smart warnings and functions.

    Another 8-inch screen, wireless charging capabilities for mobile phones, and driver assistance functions should make for an overall higher-end and safer driving experience, according to Chery.

    During the press conference to unveil the new model, Chery executives expressed their optimism regarding the Moroccan market and Chery’s position therein.

    With gasoline car sales growing relative to diesel cars in the country, Chery thinks it can take advantage of the growing market to seize its position.

    The company is eyeing a sharp increase in the sale of electric vehicles, a substantial opportunity for the company which is seeking to expand its EV operations. The company voiced ambitions to release more EV models for Morocco next year, including an electric model of the Tiggo 8 Pro.

    Chery has opened 11 showrooms in Morocco with its partner Autohall, as of August 2022, with company representatives saying they aim to have 25 showrooms open by the end of next year.

    The company also showed off its ambitions when it comes to research and development. With 10 R&D centers already open in different parts of the globe, Chery hopes that its facilities in Europe will allow it to benefit from Morocco’s human resources in this field.

    Morocco, a hub for the automotive industry in Africa, is considered by Chery as one of the most important markets for its African presence.


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