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    AfDB Appoints Malika Dhif As New Executive Director for Morocco, Togo, Tunisia

    Malika Dhif’s familiarity with the Moroccan financial system best equips her for her new tasks at the regional development bank.

    13 Sep 2022

    Rabat - Malika Dhif, former deputy director at Morocco’s Directorate of Treasury and External Finance, has been appointed as the new executive director for Morocco, Togo, and Tunisia at the African Development Bank (AfDB).

    AfDB on Monday welcomed Dhif and 11 other new executive directors for a three-year term.

    Akinwumi Adesina, president of AfDB, congratulated the new representatives of the 20-member board of directors on their elections, stating that they “will have the duty, obligation and responsibility to help strengthen the oversight functions of our institution, to provide guidance on our operations, and to support the vision and direction of our work.”

    The new members joined the AfDB’s executive body on August 1 before benefitting from a four-day induction program in September to get familiar with the bank's work.

    For this term, the number of women on the bank’s board increased from three to five members, including Malika Dhif, Mette Knudsen, Nomfundo Xenia Ngwenya, Oren Elaine Whyche, and Chantal Modeste Nonault. The four women are in charge of countries across Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

    Morocco’s Malika Dhif who will represent her country, Togo, and Tunisia on the AfDB board of directors, previously served as the deputy director at Morocco’s Directorate of Treasury and External Finance, in charge of relations with the Arab and Islamic world, America, Asia, and international institutions.

    She launched her career in the financial world in 1989 at Morocco’s Ministry of Economy and Finance, after two years of civil service as a temporary teacher at Rabat’s Faculty of Law.

    Dhif later joined Morocco’s Directorate of Treasury and External Finance where she held senior positions in the divisions of debt and credit restructuring as well as divisions of relations with the European Union, and the Americas.

    In 2014, she was promoted to deputy director in charge of the Information System Division, where she served for five years before serving as deputy director in charge of cooperation with international institutions as well as the Arab world, America, and Asia.

    As she is well acquainted with Morocco’s financial institutions and regulations, Dhif’s appointment to the AfDB board of directors is expected to adequately serve Morocco’s “exemplary partnership' with the regional institution.


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