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    OCP, African Development Bank to Host Africa Fertilizer Financing Forum

    The event is a landmark for Africa’s fertilizer industry, political authorities, and financing institutions involved in agriculture.

    14 Sep 2022

    Casablanca - Morocco’s phosphate and fertilizer giant OCP Group and the African Development Bank Group will jointly host Africa Fertilizer Financing Forum in Casablanca from October 11 to 13.

    As Africa faces an agricultural production crisis, the forum’s goal is to promote fertilizer futures in the continent and foster partnerships aimed at improving access to its financing and agricultural productivity.

    In addition to the OCP Group and the African Development Bank Group, another partner of the conference is the Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism (AFFM), an organization that promotes the use of fertilizers to increase pan-African agricultural productivity.

    Set to be managed by AFRIQOM, which is a leading independent consultancy organization and source of fertilizer industry information in Africa, the event is expected to bring together agricultural specialists, financial institutions, farmers, and agriculture-interested organizations.

    Judging from past editions of the event, participants at the forum will explore potential solutions to fertilizer funding obstacles, debate strategies to harness Africa’s present agricultural threats, and showcase existing success stories that they can rely on.

    Stressing what they described as the critical importance of fertilizers for Africa’s food security ambitions, the organizers appeared to argue in their statement that low fertilizer usage is one of the reasons holding back African agricultural productivity.

    African governments have in recent years made multiple vows to foster robust growth in the agricultural sector to increase productivity, particularly through the use of fertilizers.

    However, several studies show that the availability of fertilizers to farmers in the proper quantity, packages, and timing remains a major limitation to greater fertilizer usage in Africa.

    With the worldwide disruptions caused by the COVID crisis and the Ukraine war, many experts and observers maintain that Africa is in an even more urgent need of investing in local agriculture.


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