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    Morocco gets drone technology from Israel

    23 Sep 2022

    Morocco has been given drone technology by Israel as part of a security and military cooperation deal between Rabat and Tel Aviv. The deal was signed by Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz and Morocco's Minister in charge of National Defence Administration, Abdellatif Loudiyi, last November.

    The Israel Defence website reported from local security sources that the technology in question is linked to the secret Elenit intelligence system for electronic warfare, which is manufactured by Elbit Systems. It is used to collect radar signals from air defence systems. Elbit confirmed the delivery of ground units equipped with electronic support, countermeasures and command and control systems.

    According to the same sources, these units will allow the Moroccan armed forces to respond effectively to air and ground threats. The technology can be used with drones already deployed by Morocco such as the Israeli-made Harop and Turkiye's Bayraktar TB2. Israeli reports say that the deal is worth up to $70 million for a thirty-month contract.

    The announcement coincides with details of another air defence deal between Morocco and Israel. Info Drone pointed out that Morocco obtained a squadron of 150 military drones recently from Israel's BlueBird Company, of which the state of Israel owns 50 per cent.


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