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    Internet Experience in Morocco Falls Below International Average

    While some service providers in Morocco are better than others, the overall internet experience in Morocco falls way below the international average.

    26 Sep 2022

    Rabat - When considering international market research, it appears that Maroc Telecom, the oldest telecommunication firm in the country is leading the way in terms of internet experience. Upon scrutiny, however, the overall internet experience in Morocco is largely suboptimal, with the country having an internet breadth that is way below the international median.

    A recent report from market insights firm OpenSignal shows that one Moroccan internet provider, namely Maroc Telecom, currently tops the charts in the country for providing the “best” internet experience compared to competition based on a number of metrics.

    The report argues that Maroc Telecom offers the best internet experience in Morocco given that its clients have access to the highest download and upload speeds in the country by a wide margin compared to the other two telecommunication service providers in the country - - Inwi and Orange.

    Data from OpenSignal show that Maroc Telecom clients have access to an average download speed of 37.1 Mbps, 61.2% to 81.7% faster than the average download speeds for Inwi clients (23 Mbps) and Orange clients (20.4 Mbps).

    Compared to the international median speed, the “best” download speed in Morocco is almost 50% slower than the international average of 60Mbps, and the “best” upload speed in Morocco at 9.7 Mbps, equally falls dramatically below the world average of 25 Mbps.

    According to market insights, Maroc Telecom equally leads the way in providing the best of the country’s below-international-standards video experience, gaining a score of 54.8 out of 100, while Orange and Inwi landed a statistically tied score of 44.1 and 44.8 respectively. Online video streaming in Morocco equally falls below the OpenSignal standard for international-level quality internet.

    Compared to other African countries, Morocco's internet speed ranked eighth on the continent in one index “the Speedtest Global Index,” and fifth according to data from Trading Economics.


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