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    OCP, Marrakech-Safi Region Sign Deal to Boost Regional Development

    The agreement aims to boost the region’s attractiveness through several steps, including promoting employment opportunities and improving its socio-economic development.

    27 Sep 2022

    Morocco’s fertilizer giant OCP Group signed a partnership agreement last week with the Marrakech-Safi region as part of its commitment to contribute to regional development.

    A statement from the Marrakech-Safi regional council on Sunday said that the two parties signed the agreement Friday in Benguerir near Marrakech.

    “The agreement is of considerable importance to promote socio-economic development in the three provinces of the [Marrakech-Safi] region where the OCP Group is established, namely Rehamna, Youssoufia, and Safi,” President of the Regional Council Samir Goudar said.

    The new partners are implementing provincial economic development goals, measured by a scoring system that covers employment, entrepreneurship, water energy and sustainable development, territorial planning, as well as health, education, and culture.

    Director of OCP’s Gantour Site in Youssoufia and Bengurir Mohamed Ouabba expressed satisfaction with the new agreement, stressing that it aims to strengthen the efforts of all parties to create a new dynamic region that seeks to create structure and sustainable projects in different fields.

    “This is part of OCP’s social responsibility program, as well as its openness to its environment and its significant contribution to major structuring projects with high economic and social added value, which will contribute to improving the attractiveness of the region, create employment opportunities as well as to promote the dynamics of territorial development in partnership with other actors,” Ouabba said.

    The Marrakech-Safi governorate expressed commitment to offering all support for the implementation of the agreement.

    OCP has been renewing its commitment to sustainable development in Morocco through several initiatives, including its Act4Community volunteer initiative whose target is to serve communities in terms of environment, health, education, and regional development.

    The group has also supported capacity building for local associations and the financing of projects, including education programs -- a priority field for the group.


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