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    Morocco Ranks Africa’s Third Best Country for Digital Life Quality

    Morocco scored well on e-security, ranking 42nd, but the country still needs to improve its Internet speed and stability.

    27 Sep 2022

    Rabat - Morocco is ranked third in Africa for digital well-being in the 2022 edition of the Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL), up 13 places from 2021, and 71st globally out of 117 countries.

    The DQL, which is now in its fourth edition, ranks countries based on five criteria. It evaluates cost, quality, e-infrastructure, e-security, and e-government, and 14 additional indicators such as speed, GDP per capita, mobile Internet cost, and broadband Internet cost.

    The index is based on data from the United Nations, the World Bank, Freedom House, the International Communications Union, and other organizations.

    Based on the index, Morocco scored well on e-security, ranking 42nd.

    The survey indicates a slight improvement in Morocco’s e-government index compared to 2021, but the country’s ranking remains low as it is still sitting at 88th worldwide. Morocco’s infrastructure is ranked 83rd in the world, also a poor ranking compared to international standards.

    Meanwhile, internet accessibility in Morocco is ranked 78th, down 8 places from 2021.

    Another score for Morocco to improve is that of Internet quality, in particular Internet speed and stability. The Kingdom is far from the world average, losing 34 places on this index.

    Israel ranks first in the world for digital quality of life. Denmark moved up to second place, with Germany, France, and Sweden rounding out the top five in the 2022 index.

    The Netherlands, Finland, Japan, the United Kingdom, and South Korea are next in the top 10.

    The United States dropped from fifth to 12th place, behind Lithuania, this year.

    South Africa tops the list on the African continent, followed by Mauritius. Congo, Yemen, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Cameroon fared the worst and are the bottom five countries in the overall annual rankings.


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