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    Morocco’s Ihssane Benalluch Receives ‘Best Arab Influencer’ Award in UAE

    The influencer received the “Best social media influencer in the Arab World” award.

    05 Oct 2022

    Moroccan influencer and activist Ihssane Benalluch won the Sharjah Government Communication award for “Best social media influencer in the Arab World.”

    Benalluch received the award in Sharjah, UAE last week for her high-quality posts and educational content she shares across her social media platforms.

    The Moroccan influencer expressed her pride and honor to represent her country at the event in a post shared with her Instagram followers.

    'I am happy and honored with this recognition, and I will not hide from you guys that as soon as I heard my name followed by the Kingdom of Morocco, I felt indescribable pride and happiness!' she wrote.

    Benalluch, who is a goodwill ambassador of the European Union, worked on different projects seeking to raise awareness on various social and environmental issues.

    She founded “Netaawno” (let's help each other), an initiative that aims to share interesting opportunities for young people. The project has accumulated over 78,000 followers.

    The 9th Sharjah Government Communication Award celebrated numerous categories, including “The Program with the Greatest Influence on Social Responsibility” award, and “The Best Government Communication Targeting Youth in the Arab World” award.

    “Today we celebrate institutions, initiatives, and individuals who have made a tangible impact on communities by effectively utilizing government communication tools, reiterating its power to change perceptions, build future visions and influence positive change,” Director General of the Sharjah Government Communication Award Tariq Saeed Allay said during the ceremony last week.


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