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    Morocco Among Brussels Airport’s Popular Destinations in September

    Rabat and Brussels have on numerous occasions called for the strengthening of diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties.

    18 Oct 2022

    Rabat - Brussels airport named Morocco as the ninth most popular destination for passengers traveling via Belgium’s largest airport on Friday.

    In September, Brussels airport welcomed two million passengers for the third month in a row. Many of the passengers traveled to Turkey, the United States, and Morocco as well as European countries like Spain and Italy.

    However, “Greece, Morocco and the United States, in particular, outperformed September 2019 results,” the airport noted in a press release.

    As Brussels airport recovered 80% of its pre-pandemic passenger numbers, the airport witnessed a 5% year-on-year drop in the volume of cargo, reaching 66,000 tonnes of goods in September.

    According to the airport’s data, the goods are primarily destined for Asia, the largest import and export region. Africa is the second-largest under the import category and third in exports. Morocco is likely to be among Belgium’s largest export destinations in Africa.

    Last month, Belgian MP David Leisterh called for exploring potential venues of cooperation between Brussels and Rabat in an effort to consolidate economic ties.

    Given the long-standing relations between the two nations and the large community of Moroccans in Belgium, diplomats and business representatives from both countries have on numerous occasions worked on facilitating bilateral trade.

    In October, a group of Moroccan-Belgian entrepreneurs announced their plans to invest €2 billion (MAD 21 billion) in their home country. The investments aim to support the development of Morocco’s renewable energy and agriculture sectors.

    As the Moroccan diaspora in Europe is focusing on building stronger diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties between the Mediterranean shores, Morocco’s exports to Belgium reached $552.81 million in 2021, according to Trade Economics. Meanwhile, Morocco’s imports from Belgium amounted to $1.06 billion in the same year.


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