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    Model Imaan Hammam Launches Sunglasses Celebrating Her Arab Heritage

    The top model said her life has been a journey of finding her roots as a Moroccan-Egyptian.

    25 Oct 2022

    Rabat- Imaan Hammam, a Dutch model of Moroccan-Egyptian descent, collaborated with Moroccan inspired eyewear brand Port Tanger to launch eyewear paying tribute to Umm Kulthum and celebrating her Arab heritage.

    Port Tanger was founded by Creative directors Daniël Sumarna and Bilal Fellah. The eyewear brand “embodies and celebrates the DNA and vibrant lifestyle of Tangier.”

    The glasses can come in two distinct silhouettes, and the frames are a tribute to two of the strongest women Hammam knows. The “Umm” cat-eye frame is named after the famed Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum. While “M'Barka,” a wide 70s-style frame, bears the name of Hammam's mother.

    “It comes from the word mabrook, which means congratulations and it’s also my mum’s name,” Hammam explains. “And when I was making this collaboration, the first person that I thought of, who I love and who I think is my icon, is my mother.’’

    The Arab-Dutch model shared an instagram post revealing that her life has been a journey of finding her roots as a Moroccan-Egyptian.

    “The older I get, the more I realize the importance of speaking out and sharing where I come from, and my people. I’m really proud of my heritage, so I try to put it into everything I do in my life and my career,” she said in the post.

    “For me, doing this [the eyewear collection] was also celebrating the fact that Arabs are doing so amazingly at this time, and I feel like there aren’t that many people that come together and unite and support each other,” she added.

    Born on October 5, 1996, in Amsterdam to an Egyptian father and a Moroccan mother, Hammam is one of the few Arab models who have garnered international fame.

    She has established herself as one of the most recognizable figures in fashion, and has previously posed for high-end companies like Versace and Fendi.


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