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    Moroccan Inventor Develops Solar-Powered Vehicle for Street Sweepers

    The Moroccan researcher has developed around 20 innovative solutions in the fields of energy and environment.

    26 Oct 2022

    Rabat - Moroccan inventor Driss Ait El Haj has built an eco-friendly vehicle to support street sweepers in Ouarzazate.

    In an interview with TRT Arabi, El Haj stated that his invention consists of a covered vehicle to protect street sweepers from the sun and heat. The vehicle comes with two solar photovoltaic panels and two storage batteries in addition to a power generator, electric broom, and light balls.

    In addition to ensuring the safety of street sweepers during heatwaves, the vehicle also contains charging ports and Bluetooth speakers, allowing its users to enjoy music during the ride.

    It took El Haj six months to build and test the vehicle with a budget of $3500, says the Turkish TV channel, adding that the Moroccan inventor has developed around 20 innovative projects in the field of environment and energy.

    In 2020, El Haj participated in a Moroccan business reality television series #Dir Machrouak on Medi1tv to bag funds for a similar e-mobility project.

    Introducing himself at the time as a researcher in solar energy from the Faculty of Science Semlalia in Marrakech, El Haj stated that he plans on building five solar-powered bikes with a budget of MAD 180,000 ($16,407) to boost tourism in Marrakech before expanding into other sunny regions such as Ouarzazate and Zagora.

    El Haj’s e-mobility solutions underscore the Moroccan shift towards alternative transportation with a focus on hybrid and electric vehicles.

    In 2021, the Moroccan government announced that it had been working on developing the country’s first national plan for electric mobility to reduce the national reliance on fossil fuels and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

    According to converging news reports, the transport sector is responsible for 23% of Morocco’s CO2 emissions and 38% of its total energy consumption.

    In September, Morocco announced its plans to double local production of electric cars in the coming two years in response to the global shift towards energy transition and greener transport.

    The decision also puts the country on the map of emerging producers of hybrid and electric cars, securing additional deals for the national automotive industry.


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