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    Morocco’s ATLAN Space Launches AI-Powered Drone for Topography

    Morocco is the first African country to host a drone industry in 2022.

    14 Nov 2022

    Rabat - Casablanca-based startup ATLAN Space announced earlier this week launching Morocco’s first locally-manufactured drone ATLAN Geo for civilian purposes.

    According to a post on ATLAN Space’s LinkedIn page, the drone is powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) and is dedicated to mapping and ground surveying.

    The drone “simplifies and accelerates the execution of topographic surveying missions, efficiently captures and classifies georeferenced data, and reconstructs high-quality maps,” the company stated.

    This year, Morocco became the first African country to host a drone industry.

    On Friday, Morocco’s Minister Delegate to the Head of Government, in charge of the National Defense Administration Abdellatif Loudiyi announced that the country is planning to establish a “Made-in-Morocco” arms industry focused on drone manufacturing.

    The country first laid out the legal framework for the industry in 2021, with the Morocco Council of Ministers adopting “law 10.20,” a piece of legislation that would regulate the defense industry.

    The legislation would regulate the manufacture, transport, trade, import, and export of military-grade equipment.

    Drone manufacturing for civilian and military purposes would serve Morocco’s goal to reach industrial sovereignty and reduce reliance on imports, a view that is continuously reiterated by the country’s Trade and Industry Minister Ryad Mezzour.

    On multiple occasions, Mezzour stressed the importance of strengthening Morocco’s domestic industries and reducing the country’s reliance on imports to in turn bring down the country’s trade deficit.

    In recent months, Morocco’s trade deficit has been reaching new heights as the country remains largely reliant on imports, especially in food and energy.


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