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    Royal Air Maroc, ASMEX Foster Cooperation to Boost Moroccan Exports

    The cooperation agreement is expected to help Moroccan companies to increase their exports and recover from the economic crisis.

    15 Nov 2022

    Rabat - In a bid to boost exports, Morocco’s national air carrier Royal Air Maroc (RAM) and the Moroccan Association of Exporters (ASMEX) signed an agreement on Monday, offering local exporters a set of preferential tariffs on air cargo services.

    The agreement builds on a prior deal signed between ASMEX and Royal Air Maroc in April 2016.

    Under the new agreement, members of ASMEX can benefit from more preferential tariffs for the first year of their use of Royal Air Maroc’s air cargo services. Members can further benefit from corporate contracts covering passenger and air cargo services.

    According to ASMEX President Hassan Sentissi El Idrissi, the partnership with Royal Air Maroc would allow Moroccan companies “to further boost their exports and seize the current opportunities for economic recovery.”

    Echoing El Idrissi’s statement, CEO and Chairman of Royal Air Maroc Abdelhamid Addou reiterated the carrier’s commitment to “contribute to the socio-economic development of Morocco and Africa through [its] extensive network of 87 destinations around the world.”

    'It is in this spirit that we are proud to support Moroccan exporters, with a particular focus on new exporters, through a strong, sustainable, and renewed partnership with the Moroccan Exporters Association,” Addou explained.

    The national carrier plans to improve the quality and frequency of its cargo services to boost and facilitate export operations in Morocco.

    RAM currently pffers seven cargo services including general cargo, fresh cargo for fruits and vegetables, live cargo for animals, cargo for human remains, for diplomatic mail, cargo val for jewelry and bank notes, and outsize cargo for heavy items, in addition to charter cargo flights.

    In October, the national carrier joined the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) environment assessment program in an effort to conform with the green transition in the transportation sector.


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