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    Free-to-View OH Prime Tv Debuts with over 100 Premium Channels

    17 Nov 2022

    Open Heaven Prime (OHP) television with over 100 free-to-view premium channels, has been launched in Nigeria to relieve Nigerians of the burden of paying for contents that they subscribe to on television.

    Open Heaven (OH Prime) is in partnership with Danny Brooks Technology to facilitate the liberation of consumption of African media consumers through the debut of OHP television, which is a one-stop entertainment hub.

    Speaking at the launch of OHP television in Lagos recently, the Chief Executive Officer of Danny Brooks Technology, Mr. Daniel Akintola, who is Africa’s Grand Commander of Over the Top Technology (OTT) streaming technology and an OTT Consultant, said necessity, which is the mother of invention, compelled the team to come up with the innovation to introduce free-to-view television channels, adding that video consumption is fast shifting from offline to online and from larger screens to smaller screens.

    According to Akintola, OTT business models, enabled by rising internet penetration and faster internet speed, are giving rise to several things. For instance, people no longer sit in one place to watch television and this shows that scale is now critical to compete effectively in the content space, where OTT has significant advantage over paid television providers.


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