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    Ryad Mezzour: Morocco Endorses Hydrogen SUV NamX

    NamX plans to introduce the production of hydrogen cars to the Moroccan automotive market.

    23 Nov 2022

    Rabat - Morocco’s Minister of Industry and Commerce Ryad Mezzour has highlighted the country’s endorsement of the hydrogen SUV NamX project co-founded by Moroccan-French businessman Faouzi Annajah.

    The vehicle, designed by Italian car design company Pininfarina, deploys a patent technology that consists of a fixed hydrogen tank and six removable capsules. The model is expected to be launched by the end of 2025.

    Earlier this year, Annajah expressed his interest in building a NamX factory in Morocco.

    In a recent Q&A session with Moroccan youth, Mezzour confirmed to have received Annajah three times, adding that his ministry has signed an initial agreement with NamX.

    The minister added that morocco has delivered endorsement letters for the new hydrogen technology which is expected to boost investors’ trust in the new project.

    “We try to share pieces of advice with him to ensure that his investment would be under the best conditions,” Mezzour commented.

    In May, NamX unveiled its prototype to the world amid a global shift towards greener energy and mobility solutions including hybrid and electric cars. The French-based automotive car represents an alternative solution powered by removable capsules of hydrogen.

    Through collaborating with industrial partners in Europe and Africa, NamX has been working on becoming “a new reference in the world of zero-emissions cars” and exploring “new territories to facilitate mobility of our consumers,” Annajah said.

    As of May, NamX attracted the support of numerous African and European stakeholders including, founder of over 30 companies, and footballer Ibrahima Sissoko, former Vice President of Strategy of Matra automotive Pierre-Yves Geels, and former Director of the R&D Division at Renault Alain Diboine among others.

    In October, Annajah and Thomas de Lussac presented NamX at the Paris Motor show. The hydrogen SUV is set to make a debut in the automotive market in 2025 with two versions costing between €65,000 and €95,000.


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