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    Huawei Calls for Harnessing ICT to Reach Climate Targets

    Huawei joined other telecommunication companies in proposing a new measure to track a given network’s power consumption to help steer the industry toward a greener future.

    23 Nov 2022

    Rabat - Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has immense potential to digitize industries, catalyze innovation, and support the global economy to reach its green manufacturing targets, Huawei’s Vice President for the North Africa Region, Philippe Wang said last week.

    Speaking on the sidelines of the COP 27 climate summit in Egypt, Wang referred to the “enabling effect,” – any mechanism which, through its use, facilitates the avoidance of carbon emissions - explaining that ICT is gradually “making other industries greener.”

    The Huawei executive argues that ICT could be harnessed for a wide range of applications to reduce emissions. “5G, artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing - all these things will improve industrial processes in a way that reduces energy consumption, and reduces carbon emissions.”

    In the same way that ICT allows street lights to turn off when they are not needed, 5G wirelees base stations can automatically switch off when there is no data traffic, saving energy, he added.

    According to Huawei officials, the telecommunication company is putting itself at the front of the race toward a greener future. Huawei has already replaced diesel generators with solar panels, which provide a cleaner source of electricity, in Nigeria and Angola.

    Meanwhile, the company has equally launched a green 5G antenna that covers an area of up to 500 meters using half of its transmission power, reducing power consumption by 30%.

    Wang is not alone in thinking digitization is pivotal to a green transformation. CEO of Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), Luis Neves, equally underscored the importance of digitization, maintaining that it should be at the “heart of climate discussions.”

    The CEO continued, “If you combine the spirit of sustainability with digital, I think we can create a powerful machine to move the sustainability agenda forward and accelerate the move to a world where 10 billion people can live healthy lives.”

    Acknowledging the importance of advancing ICTs to serve climate initiatives, Huawei and other members of the ITU-T, a standardization organization of the telecommunication sector, proposed a new index to track a given network’s power consumption.

    The new index is labeled “the network carbon intensity energy indicator (NCIe).” It gained regulatory approval from ITU-T on October 19.

    ITU-T members hope the index would steer the industry in the right direction to reach climate targets. “Sustainable and measurable action” is key to achieving the net zero emissions goals, according to Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer of African telecommunication group, MTN Group, Nompilo Morafo.

    “In this approach, the use of digital technologies offers the particular potential to increase green energy production and energy efficiency across all industries,” she insisted.


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