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    Minister: Morocco is Leading Exporter of Passenger Cars to Europe

    Morocco seeks to position itself as a hub with the most competitive automotive industry in the world.

    24 Nov 2022

    Rabat - Morocco has strengthened its position to become a leading exporter of passenger cars to Europe, Morocco’s Minister of Industry and Trade Ryad Mezzour said.

    The minister made his remarks at the House of Councillors on Tuesday, emphasizing Morocco’s leadership role in the automotive industry.

    “Morocco is now the leading exporter of passenger cars to Europe,” the minister stated, stressing that the North African country is overtaking China, Japan, South Korea, and the US.

    Morocco is expecting automotive exports to reach MAD 100 billion ($9.34 billion) this year, with a production capacity of 700,0000 cars. The North African country aims to have one million cars produced this year.

    “Morocco will become the platform of the most competitive automotive indust in the world,” Mezzour emphasized, stressing that the strategy of the sector aims for an integration rate of 80% instead of the current 64%.

    “The overall demand for cars on the European market, which is the largest market for Moroccan cars, has dropped during this year by 26%,” Mezzour said.

    The Moroccan sales market recorded a 50% increase.

    Mezzour expressed satisfaction with Morocco’s human resources in the industry, noting that the country has 10,000 high-level car design engineers from a variety of German, British, French, and American bands.

    Morocco's objective is to reach 50,000 engineers in the next three years.

    “The kingdom is full of skills capable of manufacturing cars,” Mezzour expressed.


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