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    World Tourism Organization Hosts Executive Council in Marrakech

    Marrakech has been hosting world-class events discussing several themes, including trade and tourism.

    25 Nov 2022

    Rabat - The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is holding its 117th Executive Council, convening 250 representative state members.

    The event, which started on November 23, is gathering ministers and senior officials in the tourism industry from member countries as well as representatives from both public and private organizations and investors.

    The executive council will mark the launch of several initiatives serving Moroccan tourist small and medium enterprises.

    “The designation of Morocco for holding the UNWTO Executive Council enhances institutional cooperation between the two parties and consolidates the position of the kingdom as a model in the promotion of sustainable, ethical and above all resilient tourism in the face of the various changes” facing the sector, Minister of Tourism Fatim-Zara Ammor said.

    The focus of the event will be on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their role in transforming the tourism industry.

    In a press release, organizers explained that micro-enterprises and SMEs represent nearly 80% of all businesses in the tourism sector worldwide, emphasizing their “vital role” in the competitiveness of the sector and job creation.

    COVID-19 not only affected Morocco’s tourism industry but across the world. Both large and small enterprises were impacted by the pandemic as it triggered travel restrictions and the halt of flights.

    Earlier this month, Ammor expressed satisfaction with the recovery of the sector, emphasizing that it reached a near 80% recovery.

    Morocco’s tourism revenues in foreign currency rose to 103% at the end of September, compared to pre-COVID times in 2019, the minister said.

    Morocco has been hosting world-class events to discuss tourism and trade.

    In addition to UNWTO’s event, Marrakech will host the first New Economy Gateway Africa in Marrakech next year in June.

    “This event will bring together leaders from the private and public sectors to discuss the world’s most pressing issues and evaluate potential solutions in the context of local and regional priorities,” Bloomberg said in a statement this month.


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