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    Morocco’s Air Traffic Controllers Cancel 15- Day Strike

    Following a meeting on December 20, air traffic controllers in Morocco have confirmed they will not be carrying out their planned nationwide strike.

    22 Dec 2022

    Rabat- A few days after threatening to carry out a 15-day strike, the Union Office of Air Traffic Controllers in conjunction with the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CTD) in Morocco confirmed they would not be striking following a meeting with a government representative on December 20.

    Minister of Economic Inclusion Small Business Jobs and Employment Skills Younes Sekkouri led negotiations under the instruction of Morocco’s Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch, reports have indicated.

    While the details of the meeting have not been reported yet, sources have confirmed to various news outlets that the air traffic controllers have agreed to abandon their plans to strike.

    Also in attendance at the meeting was Director General of the National Airports Office (ONDA) Habiba Laklalech.

    The role of an air traffic controller is to ensure the safe movement of flights by directing pilots at which altitudes to fly.

    Earlier this month, air traffic controllers threatened to carry out a 15-day strike in response to ONDA’s failure to meet the terms of a memorandum of understanding which had been signed with the bureau of air traffic controllers.

    According to the bureau, the memorandum was concluded in 2019 and was meant to increase the controllers’ wages and provide them with better working conditions.


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