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    Health Ministry Predicts the End of COVID Wave

    The country has been experiencing a small fifth wave of COVID, the ministry said.

    28 Dec 2022

    Rabat - Morocco’s Ministry of Health predicted the end of the fifth wave of COVID-19 in the country soon, as the world approaches its third year since the virus took it by storm.

    The announcement was made during the monthly press briefing by the Ministry of Health, where Coordinator for the ministry’s public health emergency center Mouad Mrabet detailed a decrease of cases over the past few weeks.

    The official said the spread rate of the virus is now classified as intermediate in seven regions and low in five others, adding that the Omicron virus variant is still the most prominent in the country.

    He also noted that the number of severe cases and deaths has been decreasing, adding that most were contained to older patients who were also not up-to-date with their vaccinations.

    Based on that information, Mrabet urged Moroccans to stay vigilant and exercise caution in public and crowded places, stressing the importance of up-to-date vaccinations, especially among the elderly and those with immunodeficiencies.

    Since the outbreak of the disease in early 2020, Morocco has been in a state of health emergency, with many services and industries shutting down for the protection of public health.

    Now as the world approaches its third year since the outbreak started, many countries still have some protective measures in place, although life has mostly returned to normalcy.

    Meanwhile, businesses and individuals are continuing to reel from the economic effects of the crisis. A recent report found that more than 20,000 businesses experienced a reduction in size due to the pandemic.


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