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    Majority of Moroccans Are Dissatisfied with Health, Education Sectors

    Several reports have pointed out the challenges that continue to affect the progress of education and healthcare systems.

    09 Jan 2023

    Rabat - Health and education sectors remain some of the most prevalent challenges that need focus from local and national government officials to tackle.

    A new report from the Arab Barometer said as little as 23% of Moroccans are “completely satisfied with the health system” in 2022. The number is below the Middle East and North African average.

    The report detailed information on satisfaction levels regarding public institutions noting there are “[Relatively] low levels of confidence in public institutions are underscored by levels of satisfaction with different public services, such as education, healthcare, quality of streets, and trash collection.”

    The report shows that 39% of people with a higher income are more satisfied with the country’s healthcare system, compared to 12% of Moroccans whose income cannot cover expenses.

    By region, 26% of citizens in urban areas are satisfied with the healthcare system compared to as little as 18% of those who live in rural areas.

    Morocco’s health sector has been linked to multiple dysfunctions, including a shortage of healthcare staff, and medical equipment.

    In December 2022, Morocco’s Competition Council acknowledged slow progress in reviewing regulations for the private health sector, causing many irregularities and conflicts.

    “The lack of legislation regulating private hospitals is a prime conclusion the Competition Council has reached,” the report said.
    Out of the citizens surveyed in the new Arab Barometer report, 31% found that the weaknesses of the system are due to a lack of hospitals to provide adequate care.


    Similarly, the education sector remains one of the challenges that Moroccans seek to improve.

    According to the report Moroccan citizens “are predominantly unsatisfied with the public education system, especially in the midst of drastic pressures that it came under during the pandemic,” the report explained.

    Only a quarter of Moroccans are “completely satisfied or dissatisfied with the education system,” the report said, emphasizing that the factors behind the dissatisfaction divide between, overcrowding, lack of means of transportation, and outdated technology, and issues in the infrastructure.


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