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    Moroccan-Produced Cancer Diagnostic Kits to Soon Hit Market

    The kits will lower costs and reduce waiting times for cancer patients in Morocco and across Africa.

    10 Jan 2023

    Rabat- The first Moroccan-produced diagnostic kits for breast cancer and leukemia will be commercially available in a few months, the Guardian reported on January 9.

    The British newspaper highlighted that the diagnostic kits will help lower costs and reduce waiting times for patients in Morocco and across Africa.

    “The price of the kit can be double that of what it would cost to manufacture it locally,” Hassan Sefrioui, an executive board member of the Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation and Research (MASciR), told the Guardian.

    “It is also a long process. It can take weeks or months for the kits to arrive,” he stressed.

    The development of the cancer kits has been ongoing since 2010, and 400 Moroccans have already undergone leukemia tests, according to Sefrioui.

    In the past, all samples had to be sent to France for analysis, which made the treatment process more time-consuming and inconvenient.

    However, with locally made test kits, Sefrioui said, “we can get results in a matter of hours.”

    The initiative will help Morocco reduce reliance on imported diagnostic kits and achieve self-sufficiency amid its alarming cancer mortality rates.

    Last year, the Swedish Institute for Health Economics (IHE) released a report on the state of cancer care in nine MENA countries. The report found that Morocco has the highest cancer mortality rate among the countries examined.

    In 2021, the MAScIR Foundation, an applied research institution affiliated with the Polytechnic Mohammed VI University's scientific laboratories, launched the first 100% Moroccan molecular diagnostic test for breast cancer.

    According to the foundation, the test allows for the quantification of the coding messenger RNA, which can be used to identify the type of cancer and better define the therapeutic protocol.


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