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    The EU Chooses to Extend Green Energy Deal With Morocco

    Amid times of global uncertainty, more countries are looking for reliable renewable options in countries like Morocco.

    11 Jan 2023

    Rabat - The EU chose Morocco for its green energy deal back in October 2022 as the European Commission recognized Morocco’s potential in the renewable energy sector.

    Following the successful start of the deal, the European Council on International Relations (ECRF) chose to extend the partnership with Morocco among other North African countries.

    Amid times of global uncertainty following post-pandemic economic slumps, the war in Ukraine, and the ever-worsening climate crisis, more countries are looking for reliable renewable options in countries like Morocco.

    In the latest signing of the briefing, researcher Laura El-Katiri noted the EU’s drive to claim the ambitious title of the world’s first climate-neutral economy by 2050. The current green deal seeks to help the EU in both the medium and long term.

    On its official website, the European Commission pledges to have at least a 55% reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in comparison to its levels in 1990.

    North Africa in general has tremendous potential in the renewable energy market, especially with solar and wind energy.

    In addition, Morocco and other North African countries are grabbing the attention of those interested in green hydrogen. This is another resource that could be vital for the EU to achieve its “climate-neutral economy” aspirations.

    In return for the renewable energy supplies, however, North Africa is looking for help from the EU to lower their own harmful carbon emissions. There have been concerns from the North African region about the EU’s ability and willingness to help reduce the production of fossil fuels.

    In response, there is in the updated policy a clearer example of how the EU will benefit and help North Africa, “by helping them build mutual long-term energy security and secure environmental benefits,” El-Katiri wrote.

    Morocco’s geographical location has helped boost the country as a key player in the renewable energy partnership. The report notes Morocco’s strong diplomatic ties with Europe as well as ease of access to the region.

    North African government officials have expressed enthusiasm towards partnering on clean energy projects, as such work can be both politically and economically beneficial for North Africa.

    However, the researcher noted the strained diplomatic ties between Algeria and Morocco and would need to rebuild their political ties to improve cross-border cooperation enabling the most out of the green deal partnership.

    The extension of the green deal reflects King Mohammed VI’s efforts towards fighting climate change, Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita explained in October. Morocco was the first country to sign the green deal partnership with the EU.


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