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    Figeac Aero, Safran Launch Construction Work to Extend Casablanca Aeronautic Plant

    The extension work comes following the signing of a $12.97 million investment agreement between Morocco and Casablanca Aeronautic, a subsidiary of Figeac Aero Group.

    18 Jan 2023

    Rabat - Figeac Aero Group launched construction work in partnership with the Safran Group to extend the Casablanca Aeronautic plant at the Technopole in Nouaceur on Monday.

    Morocco’s Minister of Industry Ryad Mezzour attended the launch ceremony, which reflects the two French groups’ commitment to boosting Morocco’s aeronautical ecosystem.

    The project comes following the signing of a MAD 132 million ($12.97 million) investment agreement between Morocco and Casablanca Aeronautique.

    Mezzour said that the partnership “gives birth to a strategic project.”

    The partnership, according to Mezzour, will inject new expertise to develop the aeronautical platform, which exists in “10 sites around the world only.”

    Promising a 100% integrated production in Morocco, Mezzour stressed that the project is part of “the sustained dynamic” experienced by the country’s aeronautical sector.

    CEO of Figeac Aero Jean Claude Maillard also welcomed the “exceptional partnership with Safran Nacelles,” emphasizing that the project will enable the plant to develop its relations with its partner in the field of technical aluminum.

    President of Safran Nacelles Vincent Caro echoed the same remark, stressing that investments in resources are “also reflected through investments in human capital.”

    “This extension is not like the others in the sense that it represents a symbol of a strong break in our conception of industrial schemes,” Morocco’s news agency MAP quoted Caro as saying.

    The aeronautic sector is among the fastest-growing industries in Morocco’s economy.

    Data from the Exchange Office showed that Morocco's annual aeronautic exports settled at MAD 16 billion, or $1.4 billion, in the first nine months in 2022. The number respresents an increase of 53.3% compared to the same period in 2021.

    Morocco hosts subsidiaries of 140 aerospace companies that manufacture finished aircraft, provide maintenance and build airport infrastructure among others.


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