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    Morocco’s House of Councilors Approves Bill on Self-Production of Electrical Energy

    The project is expected to create job opportunities in electricity-related fields.

    19 Jan 2023

    Rabat - Morocco’s House of Councilors has approved Bill No. 82.21 relating to a project for the self-production of electrical energy. The project aims to ensure the self-production of electrical energy for individual consumption while promoting the development of renewable energy in the country.

    Morocco’s Minister of National Education, Preschool, and Sports Chakib Benmoussa presented the draft law on Tuesday during a legislative plenary session at the House of Councilors, on behalf of the Minister of Energy Leila Benali.

    Benmoussa said that the project will enable public and private actors to develop facilities for the self-production of electrical energy, particularly from renewable energy sources, Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) reported.

    The minister of education emphasized that the bill aligns with the recommendations of Morocco’s New Development Model in regard to developing a decentralized electricity production, boosting the competitiveness of the electricity sector.

    The recommendations also include implementing the national energy strategy, aiming to develop a green, competitive, and low-carbon economy and promoting the development of renewable energies, and reducing the energy bill.

    In addition, the bill aims to regulate the activity of self-production of electrical energy regardless of the source of production, the nature of the network, the level of voltage, and the capacity of the installation used, Benmoussa indicated.

    The draft law also grants the producer of electrical energy, whether they are citizens, or small, medium, or large businesses, the right to sell 20% of surplus electricity to operators of electrical networks.

    In a bid to simplify administrative procedures, self-producers of electrical energy will be able to carry out procedures online, as well as access information related to their requests at all times.

    The statement concluded that the project is expected to create new job opportunities in different electricity-related fields, as well as encourage actors from the private sector to invest in the field of electricity production.

    Benali announced last month that Morocco’s House of Representatives adopted the draft law.


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