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    Morocco’s Green Energy Production Capacity ‘Can Decarbonize’ European Economy

    Morocco has been garnering international attention in recent years for its ambitious green energy production plans.

    23 Jan 2023

    Rabat - Morocco has the potential to decarbonize the European economy, Morocco's Delegate-Minister of Investment, Convergence and the Evaluation of Public Policies Mohcine Jazouli said.

    Speaking on the sidelines of Davos 2023 in Switzerland, Jazouli told Euronews that Morocco's capacity to produce renewable solar and wind power, 'will allow us to decarbonize the European economy.”

    The minister was attending as part of the Moroccan delegation at the event that took place between January 16 and 20.

    Jazouli is not alone in his remarks. Morocco has been garnering international attention for its ambitious green energy production plans.

    In a report published in December 2022, Morocco featured among the top three countries “punching above their weight” in developing green energy capacity.

    Morocco is currently home to the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant. In addition to boosting investments in solar energy, the country is also heavily investing in wind energy and creating incentives around investments in green energy.

    The North African country also recently committed to increasing the share of green energy in its mix to 70% by 2040 and 80% by 2050, one of the highest targets compared to its regional peers.

    Morocco’s collaboration with Europe on green energy is already materializing, with Morocco ready to start exporting green electricity to the UK by 2030 through a submarine cable. The project is set to cover 8% of the UK’s overall electricity needs.


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