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    Digitization: 73% of Banked Moroccans Use at Least One Online Service (Study)

    25 Feb 2023

    Casablanca - An average of 73% of banked Moroccans use at least one online service from their bank, according to a study by Sunergia Group.

    This figure is in line with the global average, according to a report published by Deloitte in 2018, says the study entitled 'Online banking services in Morocco: what satisfaction rate?'.

    According to the results of this study based on a comparative analysis of two surveys conducted respectively in 2020 and 2022, the level of customer satisfaction with online banks, whether connected or not is estimated 'good'.

    This satisfaction is mainly due to the improvement of online banking services offered to customers, explains the same source.

    In 2022, the payment execution operations are increasingly growing. Bank Al Maghrib forecasts that mobile wallet users will increase from 0.4 million in 2019 to 6 million by 2024, with a total number of 1.3 billion transactions.


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