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    UM6P Signs Agreement with Attijariwafa Bank for Technological Innovation

    The two signatories pledged cooperation under six topics in total including, startup innovation and education.

    03 Mar 2023

    Rabat - Morocco’s Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and the pan-African banking group Attijariwafa have signed an agreement that seeks to boost cooperation in the technological development and innovation sector, among others.

    In addition to technology, the agreement listed the creation of synergies as an area for development between the two signatories, converging reports explained.

    The list under the new agreement did not stop there, however: the two bodies vowed cooperation under six topics in total.

    Startups and innovation

    The banking group and university plan to build an ecosystem of high-functioning startups and in turn encourage innovation. They also expect to offer new products with “added value” and therefore create more robust solutions for the future.

    The general innovation culture will be rolled out among all employees it hopes to “instill a new state of mind” regarding the innovation process.

    Technology and Investment

    Budding technology is essential under the new signing to focus on the development of solutions in Morocco, and “stimulate technological development.”

    Investing in startups is one of Attijariwafa Bank's key interests, which will be implemented through its affiliated link with Positive Invest Company.

    Education and Recruitment

    The creation of synergies among the younger generation aims to boost their capabilities and increase their skill sets.

    Under the new agreement, UM6P and Attijariwafa seek to continue working on their education framework, in hopes of connecting the business world with the university ecosystem.


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