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    Dazzling Caftan Designs Steal the Spotlight at Maroc Fashion Week

    The haute couture fashion show runway featured the creations of big names from the fashion industry across several international regions.

    13 Mar 2023

    Rabat - Maroc Fashion Week’s haute couture fashion runway featured a stunning array of caftan designs with both a modern and traditional flair, as well as vibrant colors and beautiful embroidery.

    A-listers and rising names in the global fashion industry showcased their stunning haute couture, caftan, and ready-to-wear collections during the fashion show which took place on March 11 at Marrakech's Famous Royal Mansour Hotel.

    Talented Moroccan fashion designers such as Lamia Lakhsassi, Salma Lazrak, and Houda Serbouti took the audience’s breath away with fascinating caftans featuring stunning colors, stylish design, and dazzling embroidery.

    The show began with a collection from the fashion designer, consultant, and stylist Lamia Lakhsassi. The haute couture fashion designer unveiled her impressive line of elegant, vibrant caftans with detailed embroidery as well as well-styled jewelry.

    The talented designer who has been in the fashion industry for more than 20 years finds her inspiration in beauty, art, and colors. She seeks to preserve Moroccan heritage while using innovative materials, exquisite beadwork, and an infinite palette of embroidery colors.

    Next up was Palestinian fashion designer Omri Elyan who presented his men’s wear collection. He is considered the first designer of men's clothing in Palestine, with 13 years of experience in the field.

    Every season, Elyan introduces new collections with distinctive inspiration and designs that combine an oriental tradition with a contemporary aesthetic.

    For many years, the designer styled numerous Palestinian artists, media stars, and political figures, and he worked with Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf on several occasions.

    Elyan’s presentation was followed by the Lebanese fashion designer and fashion consultant Bernard Jabbour who debuted his collection “Poisonous Beauty” for the first time at the Maroc Fashion Week’s runway.

    Jabbour, who has over 28 years of experience under his belt in the fashion world, told Morocco World News that his collection is a bit “twisted,” and that he designed it using “unconventional material.”

    Describing his personal design style, Jabbour said: “It’s classic yet with a twist. I try every time to put something new in my designs but you can always see the touch of Bernard Jabbour... My DNA is always present in my designs.”

    For the Lebanese designer, a dress should tell a story, like a work of art painted on the woman’s body, and it must be in perfect harmony with her image. Paying tribute to the eternal feminine beauty, Jabbour designs dresses that reflect the woman’s personality.

    Jabbour is known for the innovative and avant-garde design in his collections. He is a consultant and mentor for famous television programs such as Project Runway and Fashion Star Middle East, as well as artistic director and stylist for Arab Idol, Star Academy, and Miss Lebanon.

    Also featured at the show’s runway was Houda Serbouti who showcased a set of caftans from her collection. Serbouti employs a plethora of colors in her designs and has a clear preference for fluid materials, especially silk and muslin.

    Salma Lazrak's collection was dominated by Morocco’s caftan as well. The Moroccan fashion designer found inspiration in traditional caftan outfits from a very young age.

    Lazrak wants to make women feel beautiful and confident when wearing her caftan designs. Her collection is cut in exquisite silk fabrics such as crepe, satin, tlija, and organza. The pieces in her collection are embroidered using both traditional and contemporary techniques.

    Sidi Ghanem is home to Lazrak’s workshop, where she teams with local artisans to maintain the Moroccan traditional touch in her designs.

    Meanwhile, renowned Parisian designer Christophe Guillarme unveiled a collection inspired by flowers.

    Guillarme launched his first collection at a very young age in 1998. For his fall-winter 2023 collection, the French designer wanted to pay tribute to the late Mae West, also known as Mary Jane West, a prominent American artist.

    To conclude the second night of the fashion show, Kim Ktorza presented two elegant bridal dresses.

    Following the haute couture fashion runway, the organizers announced the winner of Maroc Fashion Week upcoming designers. The young talented Donia Shihade won which will allow her to present her designs in the next edition of the Oriental Fashion Show in Paris.

    The event is organized and supported by the Oriental Fashion Show and is chaired by Hind Joudar in partnership with M Avenue.


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