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    Legatum Prosperity Index: Morocco’s Education Lags Behind

    While Morocco is making significant strides in promoting economic prosperity, education is yet to catch up.

    15 Mar 2023

    Rabat - Morocco’s overall ranking in the Legatum prosperity index slid by five places over the past two years, going from 91st place in 2020 to 96th in 2023.

    Pioneered by the Legatum research institution, the index attempts to measure prosperity across 167 countries. The ranking profiles countries across 12 dimensions that capture their economic and social situation.

    Across all 12 dimensions, Morocco’s best performance is in the safety and security sub-ranking, scoring 74 points out of 100, followed by health with 71 points, Legatum data indicates.

    On the economic front, Morocco ranks 55th globally - the highest ranking across all elements - in terms of the business environment, a pillar that measures a country’s ability to protect private property and investors among other criteria.

    Morocco’s business infrastructure and ease of market access rank 57th globally, with the country scoring 63 points. The dimension measures a country’s openness to host business activities.

    The North African country’s performance on the social front, however, is less impressive. Morocco's rankings in all pillars relating to social capital are below the international median. The country’s education ranks 122nd out of the 167 countries accounted for in the report, with 45 points.

    Morocco also lags behind in a sub-ranking that measures the life quality of citizens, ranking 132nd worldwide with 49 points. The sub-ranking assesses a country’s performance in preserving natural habitats and reducing emissions.

    The country’s worst yet sub-ranking was in the social capital, an element that measures social tolerance, as well as civic and social participation among other aspects. Morocco’s ranking in social capital is a near-bottom 162nd place, with 36 points.


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